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"From a pioneer in the financial planning industry, I expect practical advice. From a Tony-award winning Broadway producer, I expect entertainment. Joe Deitch is both of those people, and this book delivers on both of those expectations.”

Adam Grant New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take, Originals, and Option B with Sheryl Sandberg

"This is a large-hearted and graciously written handbook for existing. No crystals, nothing “funny,” just a followable, easy-to-digest guide up the mountain of life, where Deitch proffers up a better view and clearer air. There’s a treasure house of consciousness-expanding stories, quotes, and insights threaded together with practical how-to approaches to the business of work, health, and love. Deitch doesn’t preach or promise so much as share his own life’s aha moments with a self-deprecating wink, as if you were sharing a profound laugh with a new pal over a nice fireside beer. In short: reading this book will make you a better person.”

Amanda Palmer rock star, crowdfunding pioneer, TED speaker, and author of The Art of Asking

"Insightful, practical, and full of wisdom . . . Elevate is for those who know they have so much more potential but struggle with things holding them back. Deitch transforms decades of experience and thought into a clear path to better awareness about the obstacles and practical action.”

Shawn Achor New York Times best-selling author of The Happiness Advantage

“As I approach my 80th year I firmly believe that if you stop learning you should lie down and let them throw dirt on you, because you are already dead. Read (this book) (Elevate) and you’ll learn some new ways of not only thinking about life but, more important, doing life.”

Ken Blanchard coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and coeditor of Servant Leadership in Action

"Elevate is a treasure trove of Joe’s discoveries as to why and how we make the choices in life that have lead us to where we are today. Through in-depth conversations, Joe has shared much of his life’s work with me, giving me knowledge that has enabled me to better myself. Elevate is his gift to the world and his quest to share his 'journey of increased awareness and enhanced performance.’”

Leanda Cave world triathlon champion and first woman in history to win both the Ironman Triathlon and Half Ironman in the same year (2012)

"Destined to be a modern classic, Elevate tackles perceptions about life and common sense, gives them bones, and shares actionable direction. It left me knowing more about what makes me tick and gave me the tools to make impactful and lasting changes to my life.”

Les Otten Inc. magazine Turnaround Entrepreneur of the Year and former vice chairman of the Boston Red Sox

"I've known Joe Deitch, professionally and personally, for many years. Evident in every conversation we have had is that Joe is a thoughtful, fascinating man, with great insights on life and business.”

Jack Nicklaus Sports Illustrated's Individual Male Athlete of the 20th Century and winner of a record 18 major professional golf championship titles

"Reading this book is like accepting an invitation to an inspiring, enlightening conversation with a good friend. Joe’s reflective questioning woven throughout nudges us toward greater understanding of ourselves and how to reach our potential, in any field or endeavor. The insights are timeless, and will provide guidance throughout life's stages. This book is perfect for a recent graduate or anyone navigating a life transition."

Lynne Mooney Teta Headmaster Emerita of Boston Latin School

“Joe is one of those rare people who has achieved much success in many different businesses. But what I also admire in him is his ability to truly savor his life and relationships. In Elevate, he distills the principles and practices that have worked for him and so many others. It is an insightful and eminently actionable book. I only wish I had read it many years ago, and I will send copies to my daughters.”

Sanjiv Mirchandani president, Fidelity Clearing and Custody Solutions

"Joe Deitch lives and breathes continuous self-challenge, and through that, self-improvement. In Elevate, he delivers what most great teachers do: he makes you believe you are capable of more than you realize - and pushes you to grow. This book can help you enter a new phase of your life with more insights leading to more fulfillment and more happiness."

Dr. Ed Mascioli, M.D. Physician, venture capitalist, biotech CEO

"I am forever changed by the words on these pages. You will be, too."

Lisa Genova New York Times best-selling author of Still Alice

"Joe Deitch has accomplished a miracle—a self-help book that really helps. Do yourself an enormous favor: If you buy only one self-help book, make it this one.”

Martin Sandler award-winning author of more than seventy books, two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee, and five-time Emmy Award winner

"I told Joe Deitch months ago after I read the draft of Elevate that I could not wait for it to be published. Read it, study it, think about it, and implement it. Real happiness and success is not about what you know, what you do, or how much money you make. It is about who you are.”

Lee Cockerell former executive vice president, Walt Disney World Resort and best-selling author of Creating Magic

"This wonderful book is full of life changing wisdom from a man who has lived its insights. Joe Deitch digs deep and shares what we all need to know for greater adventures in life and work. I will enthusiastically recommend this illuminating treatise from the heart and mind to everyone I know."

Tom Morris former Professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, Author of If Aristotle Ran General Motors, True Success, and The Oasis Within, among many other books.

“Elevate offers the clues to do just what the title suggests. If you want strategies for keeping your life on a continuous upward path, this book is for you. Success in life is multi-dimensional, and Joe Deitch touches on all dimensions. This book is a great read for everyone at any point in life.”

Luke Campbell Olympic Gold-Medalist and Professional Boxer

“Joe has written an inspiring primer filled with wisdom. He is a master of brief, bite size, street wise nuggets, and takes you on an easy ride to success in business and in life”

Stephen P. Kaufman Senior Lecturer – Harvard Business School and retired Chairman and CEO of Arrow Electronics, Inc.

"I've known Joe as a successful entrepreneur, a solid and trusted leader, an innovator, a friend, and now as an author. Joe's humility has enabled him to listen to everyone, to question everything, and to then reflect and derive wisdom from his life's experiences. Elevate will help us all improve the quality of our lives."

Steven E. Karol Former YPO International President

"Elevate draws upon science, literature, religion, and our bodies to create a rational blueprint for self-discovery and improvement. It describes ways to change our lives today that help us rise to our potential. Don’t just read it—use it!"

David Dodson Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business specializing in entrepreneurship, and philanthropist

"With Elevate, Joe Deitch has achieved something remarkable: adding something distinctive and valuable to an oversaturated self-help market. By integrating Awareness and Action, the book links inner and outer, East and West, ancient and modern, spiritual and scientific into one eminently practical volume that will elevate every life to higher achievement and fulfillment."

Philip Goldberg Author of American Veda


Elevate gets high praise review

January 11, 2018
New York Times

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Elevate gets high praise review

January 11, 2018
New York Times

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Elevate gets high praise review

January 11, 2018
New York Times

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