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Learn to turn frustration into fascination as you build your own Stairway of Success… however you choose to define it.

Combining awareness and action, along with a delightful dose of anecdotes, Elevate provides a framework for understanding and a platform for growth.

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After countless generations of searching and sharing wisdom, why does man’s quest for meaning remain so elusive? Or, if we know what we want, why is it often so hard to achieve? What’s missing? Is the solution to our troubles a recipe of what to do, or is the real issue why we don’t? Answers abound, and yet people remain stuck and unhappy, self-limiting, and periodically self-destructive. A modern world that is bursting with conflicting information can often make us feel even more lost as we struggle to understand life’s mysteries and implement strategies for happiness and supposed success.

Answers are not enough; we also need insights. Elevate does all that and more as it weaves together five powerful insights and ten essential skills — linking awareness and action, East and West, ancient and modern, spiritual and scientific – so that we can build a staircase of success. Increased clarity and capability lead to elevated confidence and growth… however you choose to define it.

Joseph Deitch shares his lifelong pursuit of wisdom and growth in an accessible, practical, down-to-earth gift to his readers. Elevate is a modern classic, a celebration of life and the potential that exists for all of us. It’s a formula for turning frustration into fascination and provides a universal framework for what works and why, what to do . . . and why we don’t.

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